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At CreaFab3D, we don’t just create exceptional pieces, we take them further with our commitment to quality and customisation. We offer a full range of finishing and post-processed services to ensure that every detail of your project reaches its full potential.

From classic options to innovative finishes, our service includes a wide variety of post-processing techniques that guarantee flawless, customised results.

We pride ourselves on transforming each piece into a masterpiece, adapting to your needs and guaranteeing results that exceed your expectations. Our team of post-processing experts is dedicated to providing the highest quality in every project, ensuring that every detail is treated with the attention and care it deserves.

Trust CreaFab3D to elevate the level of your projects with impeccable finishes and custom post-processed. Attention to detail defines our commitment to you. We are here to make sure that every piece that leaves our facility is a true work of art, ready to impress your clients and exceed your expectations.

Standard finish

Our standard of finish is a symbol of excellence in every aspect. Each piece is meticulously brushed and then blasted with abrasive media to ensure an optimum surface.


In our premium post-processing service, our specialists apply uniform layers of colour to bring out the details of your pieces, giving a more stylish and refined finish.


We provide custom tinting services, giving you the freedom to select the exact colour to suit your needs and preferences.


For those looking for a completely smooth and even surface, we offer the vibropolishing process. This method uses controlled vibrations to remove surface imperfections, leaving a smooth, flawless surface.


Image of the abrasive medium used

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