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Meet CreaFab3d

CreaFab3d was born from the union of industrial forces and expertise in additive manufacturing with the purpose of providing services in the industry and the medical sector, both for companies without previous experience with 3D printing and for those that work with AM on a daily basis.

Our experience in industrial and medical projects, many of them great challenges, has provided integral solutions to customers who have entrusted us with the development of their ideas and manufacturing alternatives that, either by requirements in volume, performance, lead-times, or cost, have achieved optimal and exclusive results thanks to the added value of additive manufacturing.

At CreaFab3d we take each project from a global perspective, analyzing every detail and offering solutions in all phases. We support your project from the more initial conceptual level to the implementation of the qualified final product: design, materials, production, postprocessing and metrology, and certification for functional parts, prototypes and small to medium production runs.



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